KAZE vs. AZ on 2dopeboyz.com

This is one of my favorite verses of all time, by AZ from Nas’s Illmatic album, “Life’s a Bitch.”
For the record, I KNOW THIS IS AN AZ VERSE, THATS WHY I PICKED IT. Did I reincarnate myself as AZ to spit his verse better than he did???  NO. Its a CLASSIC, it cant be done better. Thats why I pay RESPECT, so if a couple of lines aint what YOU think they should be, then hate. Thats the best promotion I could ever ask for. shouts out to 2dopeboyz.com and Court Dunn.

Haters can email me at kaze@wackrapperseatadick.com

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  • Leaidan says:

    That’s way the bteesst answer so far!

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